Our mission is to help students achieve excellence in middle school mathematics by enhancing the school learning experience. These formative years are critical as they lay a solid foundation for higher education. While the teachers in your school do the best they can, independent self-learning also plays an equally important role and this website will help you accomplish that objective. The material on our website will emphasize strong concepts through interactive videos and notes, followed by quality quizzes which would further enhance your learning. The solution of these problems will also be provided but we encourage you to look at them only after making an honest effort to solve them. It also has cutting edge developments in world mathematics explained in the language of a middle school student.

We believe that students perform best when inspired and challenged. It is our belief that if you work diligently through each topic in our website then you will gain a level of expertise that is comparable to the best in the world. This material will set up a solid base for higher level education and college admissions. Remember, mathematics is all about practice! The more you practice, the better you will get.

The Makeageek.com team has been educated in the best institutes in India and abroad and is passionate about improving the quality of middle school education. The founder of this website has two advanced degrees in Applied mathematics from Columbia University. He worked for 18 years in quantitative finance in top investment banks at the Director and Managing Director level in Wall Street. After returning to India in 2010 and having young children of his own, he strongly feels that he can make a considerable impression by helping students achieve excellence.