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makeageek.com was developed for middle school students so that their learning and exposure is truly world class. Conceptualized and executed by a passionate team educated in the best universities in the world, it aspires to challenge every student to achieve their very best. Aligned to the CBSE/ICSE curriculum and with its unparalleled content, it strives to be a game changer!

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The green, leaf-shaped area below is the region of overlap between two circles of radius \large 2 that are centered, respectively, at the two opposite corners of the \large 2 \times 2  square. What is the area of this green region?


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National Pi Day 2019: All unique facts you need to know about ubiquitous, mysterious and always enigmatic π!

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Pankaj jha is the founder of makeageek.com. He did his schooling in London at Claremont high school where he did his A levels. He has two master's from Marquette university in Wisconsin and Columbia university in New York where he also did a PhD.(ABD) in Applied mathematics. Subsequently, he went to work in Wall Street for top investment banks like Lehman Brother, Citigroup and JP Morgan and RBS at the Director and Managing Director Level in Quantitative Finance.. After living in the US for 22 years he returned to India in 2012. Having young children of his own he is passionate about helping kids achieve the very best.


Dr. Aniruddha Weling

B Tech. IIT Madras

PhD. Columbia University

Dr. Vikas V. Gupta

B Tech. IIT Mumbai

PhD. Columbia University

Dr. Charanjit S. Jutla

B Tech. IIT Kanpur

PhD. University of Texas at Austin